Luxfer glass blocks were breaking change during the last century. This building element had so huge success in Czechoslovakian Socialist republic it was used basically everywhere. Communist regime unfortunately destroyed socialism ideology just like they devalued luxfer blocks. 

In these days both are coming back – luxfers used in modern architecture, communists getting back to power. 

Meaning of the word luxfer [lux ferre] could be translated as a light carrier. This fact basically convinced me to build a projection screen of luxfer blocks that would carry the light of a projector, light through the dark statements of contemporary communists and their advocates. Projected blurry image is a metaphor of slow and still unclear boarding of totalitarian tendencies. 

Video mosaic is assembled from the series of videos of Czech politicians and their opinions regarding communist ideology and it’s impact on last century Czechoslovakia.


materials used: glass luxfer blocks, online videos, boomer, speakers